Rick White currently lives in Lumberton, Texas, and currently serves as the president of the foundation. One picture stands out in his mind when he thinks about the activities that members of the Arnold Foundation have been involved in. A single mother in tears thanking them for the water system, so her young daughters wouldn’t have to walk a mile down the hill every day to get water. Realizing what a life changer that was, it made him want to look at what else he could do to help people. The Arnold Foundation is the bridge between good ideas and the finished projects that improve the quality of life for those we touch. 

Stewart “Stu” Essey is 46-years-old and lives in Waxhaw, North Carolina.  He is married to Christy and has 2 beautiful girls, Tara and Paige.  Stewart found his calling in April 2010 when he traveled to Guatemala to assist villagers with local building projects.  Since then, Stewart has been to Haiti, Ghana, Peru, Nicaragua, and Armenia.  He, along with several board members and volunteers, are committed to “making the world a better place". Stu is the current Vice President of the foundation. 

Manuel “Manny” Blackner lives in Frederick, Md. and currently serves as Treasurer.  He is married to Shannon and has 5 active boys, Christian, Austin, Chad, Jared and Cameron.  Manny has worked on building projects in Haiti, Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua.   As a frequent traveler Manny has seen the many faces of poverty, hopelessness and despair. His travels have also provided a window into the enormous opportunity to harness the inherent goodness and altruistic spirit in people. He is energized by others who are likeminded in their pursuit to make the world a better place.  

The Arnold Foundation - Board of Directors