Our goal at The Arnold Foundation is to focus on people.  
There will always be people in the world who need a helping hand because of disaster or circumstance; and thankfully there are also many people in the world who are willing and able to help.  Our mission is to put these people together so that they can enrich each others lives in a meaningful way. 

The invitation has always been to for people to show up. To rub elbows with people and learn who they are. To walk the alongside people and truly know the path they are walking.  But we cannot focus just on people.  The reality is that our work needs money, and funds need to be raised to pay for the materials that we will use.  Because of this we accept that fundraising will always need to be a secondary objective in our work.  In doing this we are committed to ensuring that we are good stewards of any money that is donated to us.  We will report back to our donors about how their money was spent, and will provide 501(c)(3) receipts at the end of the tax year. If the donations exceed expenses for a specific cause, The Arnold Foundation will apply the excess donations to the next project or initiative.

Please consider making a financial donation to help with making the world a better place. 

100% of project donations will be used for projects.

The following options are available for making donations.


Financial Donations will give us the greatest versatility and will be used to purchase project supplies.

Checks can be sent to:

The Arnold Foundation,

PO Box 75, Walkersville, MD 21793.  
Donations via check have no overhead costs.

Cash donations will be deposited into The Arnold Foundation bank account and used in the same way as other deposits. 
Cash can be given to any board member of the Arnold Foundation.
Donations via cash have no overhead costs.

Credit Card Donations:
The Arnold Foundation can accept credit card donations through our Square account at...
Donations via credit card carry an overhead charge of 2.75% for the square fees.