Puerto Rico 

United States 2018

Great time we had in Puerto Rico. 13 people traveled the Aguas Buenas, and help make repairs to houses on the island. From painting to constructing a roof and kitchen to just some good ol' work with sledge hammers. We are grateful to the people of Puerto Rico for allowing us to walk with them on their journey.   

Las Penitas 

NIcaragua 2017

Peru 2014

Puerta Blanco

Zacapa, Guatemala 

United States 2018

Hurricane Harvey

Hull, Texas 2017

Sri Lanka 2015

A group of 15 traveled to Las Penitas, Nicaragua. We worked at various locations finishing a roof, digging foundations and pouring a footer. The main work was on a house for a family that welcomed our efforts. The house started at the footer and ended being ready for the roof. The off time was spent swimming in the ocean and playing with the children. It was a great trip

Pia de la Questa, Guatemala 

United States 2019

In Peru, we worked at three different house sites. The work pictures shown here, show the effort of removing earth to make the lot for the house level. With the help of a jack hammer and muscle we were able to level the lot, which allowed the land owner to begin house construction much earlier than she expected. We ended the work time, knowing we had truly made a difference.

Housing Adventures

In 2015 we traveled to Sri Lanka for the first time. 

This was our longest trip, as we spent the weekend travelling around the island nation that is located south of India. We experienced the typical construction methods of using brick and mortar, and of course the hospitality of the people made us feel welcome and safe.

Armenia is the size of Maryland and out of 3 million people, approximately 26,000 families are homeless. On Sunday, after a short nap…  we took a walking tour of Yerevan.  Monday and Tuesday were work days in which we applied plaster to walls. On Wednesday, we visited some memorials and museums and got educated on the history and traditions of a great country. Finished plastering on Thursday and Friday. The city was safe, food was great and the people were the best.

Armenia 2016

Nicaragua, 2015

Armenia 2017

One of the first trips we did with the "Fuller Center for Housing" was in Ghana, Africa. We worked with concrete blocks that were made locally. We worked with local masons and carpenters. We carried many bricks and mixed much concrete. The houses are about 700 square feet on 50’x70′ lots. 

The second trip to Armenia created new friends and gave us a chance to renew old friendships. This trip gave us another chance to work with a family as they get their home closer to being finished with the final coat of plaster on the walls. The trip finished with visiting a monastery and a short little hike to the top of Mount Aragats. 

The first domestic trip of the Arnold Foundation brought us to the community of Hull, Texas. We rebuilt foundations and walls, installed insulation and sheet-rock. This group formed friendships as big as the Texas sky. We are thankful for those who came together to support this effort. You can truly believe your time and donations were put to good use and the misery brought by Hurricane Harvey is a little less than it was before.   

​​The week of November 12th takes another group of good people to the shores of Las Penitas to engage in another building event.  John Manchester returns with 22 people from the Maryland area. Several of the people on this current trip are returning for the second time to Las Penitas. 

Ghana 2013

Sometimes the path we walk leads us to lean more on local talent. This was the case for a home in Pia de la Cuesta. Funds were donated to they were put to good use for a family that needed improvements to their house. A working bathroom was constructed that includes a shower. The kitchen area was given a new roof and a concrete floor. We used local labor and the home owners family to complete this project. It was a very good week.     

A very good trip. We all arrived on Wednesday and left Sunday and got one more roof built. The team was great. Linda from Vancouver, Romy from Mississippi, Santos from Nicaragua and Rick from Texas. We are thank-full to Henry and all the neighbors that pitched in. Such a great sense of community will keep us going back.