The Budget of $7500 was obtained and the water well was completed by a local contractor. The water well continues to provide water for the residents of the housing community and to aid the the construction of new houses currently being built. 

Ghana Water Well,   2014

After talking with our local contact the idea to provide a water well for the community took shape and a presentation was created to solicit the help of private and corporate investment.

While on a house building trip to the community of Agomeda on the outskirts of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, we noticed they had to have water brought in by truck.  The water, after being pumped to a holding tank, was then used as needed for the construction effort.  

Guatemala Water Works, Pia de la Cuesta  2011

This project was part of a $14,000 improvement plan intended to improve the quality of life and education for the people of the village. The budget was met by private and corporate sponsors. The team of 13 with the help of the community supplied the labor for the five days working 8 to 10 hours a day, to set the pump, solar panels and run the pipe

The Water Project in Guatemala provided funds and labor to dig a well, run 1 mile of 2" PVC from the well to the water tanks in the village. The well pump is powered by 6 Solar cells and pumps water during the day to the storage tanks which gravity feed the houses in the village. Originally designed to provide water for 35 houses the village has grown to 80 houses.