The Arnold Foundation, thanks to the generous donations in 2018 was able to purchase school suppliers for 4 pre-schools in the Las Penitas area.

The supplies included paper, glue, pencils and art supplies. 

Airfare from Washington DC Area $1600 (approx),  

Landing fee $1190, includes transportation while in country, food and lodging.
Please save the date and come join us.

School Repairs at Puerto Mantica, Nicaragua

All donations are tax deductible according to current IRS rules and regulations.

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Donations can be made

by check sent to:

The Arnold Foundation

P.O.Box 75

Walkersville, Maryland  21793

Nicaragua, November 2017

School Supplies for Nicaragua

Nicaragua, November 2017



The main purpose of going to Armenia will be to help a family move from a small freight container that is currently their house, into a home that is safe, warm and dry.   

We plan to work Monday to Thursday with Friday and Saturday being days for people to travel back home if they wish, or to visit the many historical place in and around Yerevan. With Yerevan being the oldest Christian nation, there are many interesting places to see that tells the rich history of that part of the world. For those leaning towards the great outdoors, there is already a trip planned to hike to the top of Mt Aragats.

This will be the fourth time for Rick to travel to Armenia. The people in Armenia are wonderful, the city is safe, the accommodations, food and transportation are first class. If you have never been, this is a trip that will not disappoint.

This trip is with the Fuller Center for Housing. To register and pay the landing fee, please go to: ​  to get started or call or email Rick at:


With Phase one being completed in 2019, we are looking at continuing this work in two trips.

Trip Numero Uno,

will be July 19-25 and lead by John Manchester. 

Trip Numero Dos,

will be September 5-12 and lead by Stu Essy. 

There are several projects that will be divided up between the two groups so be prepared to:

- make repairs to the sidewalks,

- build a new latrine,

- build an outdoor kitchen,

- build table and chairs for the outdoor eating area

- repair desks, tables and shelves in the classrooms

The commitment of the parents at this school to provide education and to help in the repair/construction in and around this school, makes it easy to engage. 

There as several excursions to be done during either trip. Sliding down a volcano, shopping, hiking, horseback riding, turtle watching, and Stu will be hosting a fishing tournament during Trip Numero Dos

The cost for each trip : 
Airfare from Washington DC area $700 (approximate)
Landing fee $700,
includes transportation while in country, food and lodging.