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School Repairs at Puerto Mantica, Nicaragua

The economic crisis is real for many throughout the United States. We are blessed to have the resources to help each other.  Unemployment benefits, federal stimulus payments, assistance from non-governmental entities, and many people have stepped up to help their families, friends and neighbors.  In Nicaragua the same layers of assistance are simply non-existent.

Through our partners in Nicaragua we have become aware of some of the difficulties among members of the community to even obtain food to survive.  For these people there will be no check coming in the mail. Neither their government, their neighbors, nor their families or friends have the means to help them.
With the help of our generous donors The Arnold Foundation has been able to provide funding to Danilo, our trusted friend and partner in Nicaragua.  He is using these funds to purchase food in bulk and create packets to hand out to families in need.  The packets contain rice, beans, sugar, soup, pasta, oatmeal, tomato sauce, and vegetable oil.

The packets have been given to those that have lost their income during this time.

Nicaragua, November 2017

Nicaragua Food Program

This is another way the generous people of The Arnold Foundation are trying to help make the world a better place​.