The budgets were provided all by private donations, Phase 1 - $4500, Phase 2 and 3 - $4900
The stove was provided by a corporate donation. 

​​In October of 2015 we visited the Las Brisas Preschool in Las Penitas. The children were learning under the shelter without walls, running water or safe electricity. The idea was born to provide a better building to learn in.The project has been completed in phases. Phase 1 (early 2016) was to build the walls that included the large iron gate and windows. Phase 2 (early 2017) was to expand the footprint of the original building for a kitchen and eating area for the students. The last phase (May 31 of 2017) was to paint the school and finish the latrine and provide an environmental friendly stove.

As part of the on-going support to the pre-schools in the Las Penitas area, we received funds from our gracious donors to purchase school supplies. Through our local contact, Danilo, we purchased supplies for 5 classrooms. 

We have learned that the Las Brisas school is now holding classes in the evening to teach the fathers of the area to read and write. Another story to show what we do at one point in time, can grow and help future generations... Thanks to all who makes our projects possible...

Las Brisas Preschool, Las Penitas, Nicaragua