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As the world continues to struggle with this horrible pandemic, we have all been impacted in some way or another.  The economic crisis is real for many throughout the United States, but we are blessed to have the resources to help each other.  Unemployment benefits, federal stimulus payments, assistance from non-governmental entities.  Many people have stepped up to help their families, friends and neighbors.  Those same layers of assistance are simply non-existent in less developed countries throughout the world. Through our partners in Nicaragua we have become aware of some of the difficulties among members of the community to even obtain food to survive.  For these people there will be no check coming in the mail. Neither their government, their neighbors, nor their families or friends have the means to help them.

With the help of our generous donors The Arnold Foundation has been able to provide funding to Danilo, our trusted friend and partner in Nicaragua.  He is using these funds to purchase food in bulk and create packets to hand out to families in need.  The packets contain rice, beans, sugar, soup, pasta, oatmeal, tomato sauce, and vegetable oil.

There is so much happening in our own country today. Our focus on domestic problems doesn’t erase the hardship that exists throughout the world.  It just hides it from our newsfeed.  
We cannot provide for everyone in need.  But we can do something.  The Arnold Foundation, on behalf of its donors is doing this one small thing to help. Let’s continue. Let’s do more.  

​                                                                                                                                                                                          John Manchester

Improving Education

All donations are tax deductible according to current IRS rules and regulations. 

The Arnold Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit organization and is recognized as a legal 501 (C)(3). 

Improving Health

​​​The beginning....

  In spring, 2010, a group of men answered an invitation to travel to Guatemala and volunteer on a school construction project. The work was hard, and the heat was blistering.

Roaming the impoverished village in which they worked, were a few pigs, the livestock of the locals. The pigs wore cumbersome triangles of sticks crudely tied around their necks to prevent them from wandering into village homes.  On one afternoon, a member of the group, took a break and walked down the hill to be alone. He was exhausted, sore from the hard work, and weak from the hot midday sun. He missed his family and was emotionally drained from the poverty that he witnessed throughout the village. He was at his lowest.

As he sat there, he realized that one of the pigs had approached and stood nearby. The pig wore a yoke around its neck. He and the pig rested for a while, as though comforting each other for the burdens which they each carried. He named his pig Arnold. 


-Las Brisas Pre-School

-Puerto Manitca Pre-School

​-Area wide support with school supplies

Mission statement - To make the world a better place by providing or improving education, economic, energy and health conditions to those in need

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Improving Housing



The goal of the Arnold Foundation is to be useful, for an honorable purpose, to show compassion, and make a difference in someone’s life. This will be evidence that we have lived and lived well

​​​As the week progressed, other members of the group noticed a pig standing nearby when they were at lowest…tired, sore, or in pain. They each found comfort in its presence. Arnold came to represent compassion, kindness and an outreach to others. 

Water Well 

Agomeda, Ghana

Water Well and System

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